About me

Welcome, you’ve stumbled across the wanderings of a young hobbit.

I spent the past couple years traveling and working around the globe with my partner, Cosmo (Yes that is his real name). I am freakishly organized and get a high off planning trips, so I figured it was time I share my knowledge to help out fellow adventurers.

I’ve put together guides that include ways to prepare for your trip or working holiday visa, packing essentials, road trip itineraries, best hikes and secret beaches, and other tips. I’ve designed it for fellow OUTDOOR enthusiasts and travelers on a budget.

Cosmo and I are both marine biologists and have recently settled back down on Vancouver Island in Canada…for now. When not traveling I can be found binge reading within a blanket burrito, or underwater in my mermaid form, attempting to communicate with cephalopods.




“This is my favourite website ever!” – my mom

“I’m not a planner but she sure is, look at all this shit.” -Cosmo

“I told her we can do anything she wants tonight. She whipped out her itinerary and explained it all to me in graphic detail.” -Cosmo

“I can barely plan my way out of bed in the morning, she plans our way around the world.” -Cosmo